I’ve made my way to the World Wide Web.

Hello and welcome to the first blog on the new website. I’m very excited, as this is the first website I have ever done. My fascination with photography started when I was a teenager but quickly took a back seat. Twenty or so years later, that same interest re emerged in the form of a basic digital camera. Before I knew it I was well and truly hooked and was printing my own photos on an old Epson printer. Photography is now something I do nearly every day and I owe it all to the Isle of Coll. Things have been progressing ever since.
I started hanging my framed prints in the back porch joined to my house. This was the first ‘Clabbach Photo Gallery’. I opened it to the public and it was well received by locals and tourists alike. After a while I felt the need to have a bigger gallery space….the answer was the shed/garage. Many months were spent on this project which included new doors and a new roof. The place had a complete makeover and was opened for the first time last year.
Parallel to this I was upgrading my gear and trying to learn as much as I could about taking a good shot. Landscape photography became a constant. Facebook was another step in moving forward with my vision. I was completely taken away with how many people showed an interest in my work.
So now I am here. Where is here?
What I want to do with this site is share my work with you…what I see through the eye of a lens. As well as this, I’d like to promote the beautiful place where I live. Hopefully over time I will get a good feel for writing and share with you some of what happens living on an island on the Atlantic Ocean.
Best wishes,

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