Landscape Photography courses start Today!

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Learning The Art of Landscape Photography by Allan McKechnie.

Taking bookings now and through the Summer months.

Isle of Coll Photographics is now hosting a digital SLR landscape photography course for beginners. I have designed the workshop to teach the important fundamentals on the art of landscape photography.

Expensive state of the art cameras and lenses are great but only really available to the lucky few who can afford to buy them. I will show you that you do not need the latest and greatest gear to take good photographs. 
It is all about the photographers eye, understanding light and knowing how to use a camera properly.

If you don’t own a digital SLR, don’t worry. I have equipment for you to use.

If this floats your boat and you would like to learn some tricks of the trade then give me an email and we can discuss and develop a compact personalised course for your needs.

The workshop will cover :

Full manual camera operation. Manual is your friend.
The Photographers Eye.
The importance of Light.
How to get the best from a wide angle lens.
Location photography (somewhere on the Isle of Coll)
Processing your digital images

I can be contacted directly from this website :


If you are over visiting the Isle of Coll and are interested in the art of Landscape photography then I have plenty to show you

Looking forward,

Allan McKechnie
Isle of Coll Photographics.

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