Latest news from Isle of Coll Photographics.

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Latest news from Isle of Coll Photographics.

Hello everyone. Summer is approaching and it’s getting to that time of year to get ready and open the roadside gallery once again. I’m really looking forward to opening and have many new landscape images for a new display, all taken here on the Isle of Coll. 

Last year was a great success with many happy clients….I’m raring to go.

This year I am also hosting a digital SLR landscape photography course for beginners. I have designed it to teach the important fundamentals on the art of landscape photography here on the Isle of Coll

If this floats your boat and you would like to learn some tricks of the trade then give me an email and we can discuss and develop a personalised course for your needs.





I can be contacted directly at :

One to one tuition or small group learning is available all summer. Even if you don’t own an SLR, don’t worry as I have that covered so give me a mail.
Onward and upwards.

Allan McKechnie
Isle of Coll Photographics


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